about us


K Spiegelman Design Studio is known for a unique collection of furniture, accessories, art and artifacts of diverse ages and styles (since the doors opened in 1988)... some made in Italy for Renaissance royalty, some in 19th century France, and some today in the KSI local workshops, all lovingly crafted and all beautiful.

KSDS offers full design services for original furniture designs, in-house libraries and offices, in collaboration with the client. Scale drawings and finish samples are available to ensure completing the piece to customer's specifications. We also provide stagings.

Kathleen's continuing studies and travels always produce new and surprising finds and frequently become personal shopping trips when, list in hand, she seeks the perfect pieces to satisfy client's requests. The KSI showroom has become a requisite stop for designers and architects from around the world who seek quality and elegance.

Behind K Spiegelman Design Studio's elegant façade lies a tranquil world of comfort. It is a welcoming place filled with originality, imagination and diversity, inviting you to browse, have a cappucino and choose from the best of the world.